Buying Real Estate in the US
The Concise Guide for Canadians
By Mr. Dale Walters, CPA, PFS, CFP® (US and Canada)

Dale Walters
Mr. Dale Walters

Buying Real Estate in the US, is written for Canadians by a cross-border tax expert.  Because so many of the concerns Canadians have when buying real estate in the US relate to the income tax and US estate tax consequences, it is important to properly structure of the purchase to maximize tax benefits.  Buying Real Estate in the US is an essential guide for any Canadian considering buying real estate in the US.

The author, Dale Walters, is the President and CEO of Cross Border Tax & Accounting, a wholly owned subsidiary of KeatsConnelly.  Mr. Walters is a US CPA and has earned the Certified Financial Planner™ designation in both the US and Canada.  Mr. Walters is also the co-author of Taxation of Canadians in America and Taxation of Americans in Canada.

KeatsConnelly is the largest cross-border wealth management firm in North America that specializes in helping Canadians and Americans realize their dreams of a cross-border lifestyle.

Cross Border Tax & Accounting is a full service cross-border tax firm, preparing US and Canadian income tax returns.

In the book, Mr. Walters uses his 20+ years of experience working with hundreds of Canadians on cross-border financial issues to discuss and resolve the most important challenges for Canadians buying real estate in the US.

Buying Real Estate in the US covers the following:

  • Challenges and opportunities
  • Various ways to own real estate in the US
  • Pros and cons of the various ownership methods
  • Income tax implications and savings
  • Income tax and other filing requirements
  • Nonresident US estate tax and why it is typically not a problem
  • US probate and ways to avoid it
  • Financing options
  • Resources for buying real estate
  • Checklist for buying real estate in the US
  • FIRPTA Flowchart
Owning Real Estate in America - Sample presentation given by Dale Walters.

In the video below, Dale Walters discusses his book, Buying Real Estate in the US: The Concise Guide for Canadians.